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Er. Yash Boriya

( Founder & Managing director )

Rajbala Structures was established in 2019 led by its founder & managing director Er. Yash Boriya ( Civil & BIM Engineer ) with a vision & idea of integrating technology with construction for small & large scale projects. We are working as a consulting firm providing services offline/online in the field of architectural, engineering & virtual designing for residential, commercial & industrial projects. We provide you the complete solution at one place with our proficiency in planning, designing, construction & management.

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who have extensive knowledge &  experience in their respective fields of work.  Each member of our team is motivated, enthusiastic & encourages us to enhance our capabilities & abilities. We work collaboratively with our clients to meet their needs, requirements & amenities. We listen & understand the client’s emotions, feelings & requirements which help us to build the best possible outcome & that’s our strength.

Mission & what matters to us?

Our mission is to integrate technology into construction for small & large scale projects to overcome the various problems which we are facing in our old traditional construction practice like project delays, high cost, mismanagement, etc.

For us, our clients time & money matters a lot. As we have seen in construction projects money or budget is the major factor on which the whole process depends. By integrating technology into projects will help us to pre-visualize the project before it’s actual construction on-site which can directly lead to cut down costs by 5 to 10% and can also overcome various other problems that can improve the quality of work,  design, management & efficiency. 


How we Work ?


Listen & Understand

First, We carefully listen & understand our clients to meet their needs, requirements & budget.


Better suggestion

Suggesting better designs & options which can enhance their structure more under budget. 


team & client Collabration

We collaborate our clients into the team to meet their high expectations & goals. 


Designing & drafting

Designing & drafting their requirements & needs on paper to get a better idea & final outcome.


Pre - virtual visualization

Before the start of actual construction, we pre-visualize a project to get precise detail which reduces cost, wastage & saves time.


Construction & completion

After finalizing all design, we are ready to construct & to get a final outcome.  

why choose us?

Budget friendly

We provide you the cost-effective services without compromising on design & quality of work.

pre - visualization

The pre-visualization technique will help in getting project visuals before it's actual construction on site which directly saves cost, money & time.

Experienced team

Our Team consists of highly skilled professionals having experience of 4 years & above worked in various major & minor projects.

Free complimentary services

We provide you free complimentary services with our other services to serve you our's best.

Complete services at one place

You will find every service needed to complete any project in our firm which make you trouble free.

fast delivery & services

Our fast delivery of services will complete your project within the scheduled constraints & successfully on time.

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